Saturday, August 2, 2014

I Am Nature

Women have been associated with Nature both historically and metaphorically for centuries; hence,  such  phrases as  "Mother Nature" (the maternal); "virgin land" (that which is pure and "untouched by man"), "the rape of Nature" (violence toward land and wildlife, etc.).

The masculine ideals promoted in activities like sport hunting

Though Nature goes its own way, the masculinist view of   the "wild" aspect of Nature must be tamed, controlled, and mastered (paralleling a  historical view of women who, without a man's guidance, must  be sexually and emotionally contained--women who misbehaved were often institutionalized, brutalized, or even murdered).  Starting with Tropical Storm Alice in 1953, hurricanes were named only after women for two and a half  decades (oh, those bitches).

The increasing disconnect

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